Leaf Composting @ McCarren Park Next Two Saturdays


A note from our friends at the North Brooklyn Compost Project:

Year round, you, the fabulous members of the compost project, work hard to reduce the amount of trash produced in our neighborhood. You know that composting your food scraps is a great alternative to out-of-state garbage export and a simple way to improve the health of our neighborhood. Please help us take that message to your landlords, neighbors, and home owning friends and acquaintances.

NBCP is taking part in NYCLeaves: Project Leaf Drop a rocking effort to collect leaves from residential properties and turn them into valuable mulch. For the next two Saturdays, we are going to be accepting leaf donations from your yards and raking up more leaves in McCarren Park.

The fine print:

What do we accept: Leaves – leaves only, no twigs, branches or other yard debris

How: Bagged in paper bags, if possible, but we’ll take clear and black trash bags, too

Where: At the compost site – McCarren Park at North 12th and Driggs

When: Saturdays, 11/7, 11/14 and 11/21 between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm.

What else: Volunteers! Come out to help rake, bag, collect and jump into leaf piles

If you are planning to join us, drop a line at northbrooklyncompost@gmail.com

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