Monthly Archives: January 2010

Flash from GWAPP: TransGas Case is over and the community wins!

Dear GWAPP Members, Neighbors & Friends: After nine years of litigation, it ends with more of a whimper than a bang. The New York Court of Appeals denied TransGas permission to take a further appeal to New York’s highest court. So TransGas has now officially exhausted all of its appeals and will never, ever build a power plant on our community’s waterfront! There are too many people to thank for this incredible victory. Special recognition must go out, however, to Professor Ed Lloyd and the staff at the Columbia Environmental […]

Don’t Be Fooled: B61 = B62!

The MTA has split the B61 in a Solomonic move. The B61 now runs from Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn, while the B62 takes the northern portion of the route from Downtown Brooklyn to Queens Plaza. This will hopefully reduce the bunching of buses together and keep them closer to the posted schedule. We have heard some initial reports of the drivers being confused about some minor rerouting (the bus is supposed to stop closer to the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza to increase the ease of transfer to the J train) […]