A Tragic Crash within Miles of Our Traffic Study Site

NAG Volunteers have recently been conducting a traffic study in conjunction with Transportation Alternatives. We’ve been watching the intersection where last year cyclist Solange Raulston was hit and killed on Nassau and McGuinness Blvd (where the other day I counted something like 30 “failure to yield to pedestrians” in a 15 minute block.) Now, tragically, just three blocks away, another near fatality has been reported.

Please keep community member Neil Chamberlain in your thoughts as he struggles to survive. Read the full article from Gothamist here.

If you’d like to get involved in the traffic study, please contact nagbrooklyn@gmail.com. This is the first step in changing the dangerous traffic situation in our neighborhood.

UPDATE: It seems from the latest news reports that Mr. Chamberlain has passed away. NAG’s condolences to his family, friends and neighbors.

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