McGuiness and NAG in the Daily News

McGuinness-Nassau Intersection

Jake Pearson from the Daily News has an exclusive today on the preliminary results of NAG’s traffic monitoring project at Nassau Ave. and McGuiness Blvd. Yet another fatality on McGuiness, 28-year-old pedestrian Neil Chamberlain, is calling attention to North Brooklyn’s most dangerous street.

Using a pilot version of the Neighborhood Traffic Monitoring Kit developed by Transportation Alternatives, NAG volunteers have found some shocking results. As Pearson writes:

“Over the eight hours, drivers ran red lights 150 times, yapped on their mobile phones 89 times, and failed to yield to pedestrians 114 times. ‘There’s very little enforcement,” said Les Brown, 28, NAG’s head volunteer.”

This study is ongoing, and we need volunteers to help gather more data! The goal is to provide the local police precinct, the NYC Department of Transportation, and the Department of Design and Construction (who are heading up the Nassau Ave. reconstruction) with data that shows the desperate need for both traffic enforcement and traffic calming in this area. To get involved, contact

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