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action jeansNAG is pleased to announce a new initiative: NAG ACTION!

NAG ACTION is a once-a-month collaborative meeting between concerned citizens looking to learn more and do more. NAG ACTION brings the issues of our Organizing Agenda: Open Space, Transportation, Affordable Housing, and Community Character, under one umbrella. The goal is to address them in a proactive way and to support the larger goals of progressive, intelligent community growth. NAG ACTION will meet the first Tuesday of every month to have a “teach-in” on a selected topic that is concerning our community with immediacy. We will be looking to local experts on each topic to help us teach, so by asking you to attend we are also asking you to participate.

The best part of NAG ACTION is that we welcome you to join us at any level of community knowledge. Whether you’ve been in the ‘hood your entire life, or just arrived last week, there are things that we can all learn and share and do together. To fully tap into our potential power, we must learn and share in a safe community-oriented environment first.

Please join us. Our first NAG ACTION meeting will be Tuesday, May 4 at 7pm at the NAG office (110 Kent Avenue). We’ll be discussing how you can get involved in our advocacy around the New Domino development.

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