The North Brooklyn Week in Review

After more than three years of review, HPD has finally awarded the development rights for the Greenpoint Hospital site. The winning bidder – TNS Development, an outsider in North Brooklyn – won out over local development groups Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation and Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council. The redevelopment will bring 240 units of affordable housing to the former hospital site.

Marty Markowitz agrees with NAG – New Domino is way too big. Marty wants to see New Domino match the density of other recent waterfront developments, all of which were 20% to 25% smaller. Marty also wants to see the upland site reduced to match past rezonings and reduce the impact of the project on Grand Ferry Park – all positions that NAG supports.

Steve Levin also thinks New Domino is way too big.

In a related story, Gotham Gazette has a good piece on the disconnect between PlaNYC and the City’s existing parking regulations for new developments. Here’s the takeaway:

The increased number of spaces in rezoned neighborhoods like Long Island City, Harlem, and Greenpoint-Williamsburg — close to the Manhattan core and touted by the city as transit-oriented — will likely add tens of thousands of new cars to the city.

In Greenpoint, the NYPD wants to cut short the annual Memorial Day parade.

Also in Greenpoint, we are said to report that Neil Chamberlain, the pedestrian who was struck by a hit-and-run driver at Calyer and McGuinness, has died.

The New York Motorcycle and Scooter Task Force has a new initiative to increase designated parking for two-wheeled vehicles. In the past few weeks, they have been making the rounds at Manhattan Community Boards, where they have been seeing a lot of support.

In upstate news that affects our water supply, the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued new rules that make it more difficult for gas companies to extract gas from shale using hydrofracking new City reservoirs.

And finally, the Newtown Creek Waster Treatment Plant Visitor’s Center opened today, and New York Shitty was there.

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