Monthly Archives: July 2010

Domino Affordable Housing – Guaranteed?

The Post reports that one-third of the affordable housing units at the New Domino development will not be guaranteed. Instead, they will be the subject of a non-binding understanding between the city and the developer. I have more on this at

Three More Tennis Courts at McCarren to be Refurbished

The McCarren Park Tennis Association just learned that McCarren Park will be getting funding from the United States Tennis Association to redo the parks remaining courts. The USTA grants funds through its Fresh Courts initiative to rebuild and repair courts across the country – this year, McCarren was the only project in New York City to receive this funding. Using the Fresh Start money, MPTA will resurface 6 of the 7 courts (they did the other one on their own this past winter). In the process, the park will gain […]

What We’re Up To Lately

On Tuesday, July 6, we held our monthly NAG ACTION meeting at the Woods. The subject was “Why Shop Local?” I presented some policy research from the Pratt Center for Community Development. To read the policy brief or download a PDF of the presentation, visit Pratt Center’s Local Retail website. Caitlin Dourmashkin from the Northside Merchants Association discussed local issues, and representatives from the Brooklyn Torch talked about their efforts to start a local currency. We brainstormed ideas for projects to support local retailers — stay tuned for more information […]

Join NAG at School of the Future July 10 & 11

School of the Future is a collaborative project about what a school can be.  For the month of July, School of the Future will be an inter-generational free school for the community around Sgt. Dougherty Park, at Meeker and Vandervoort. From solar-powered lighting to a giant scrabble board, giant Tyvek mountains and experimental food sculptures, the School of the Future is an invitation to experiment and analyze learning through the arts. Each class, performance and student-teacher exchange provides inspiration for a curriculum that allows a community to respond to a particular […]