Join NAG at School of the Future July 10 & 11

School of the FutureSchool of the Future is a collaborative project about what a school can be.  For the month of July, School of the Future will be an inter-generational free school for the community around Sgt. Dougherty Park, at Meeker and Vandervoort. From solar-powered lighting to a giant scrabble board, giant Tyvek mountains and experimental food sculptures, the School of the Future is an invitation to experiment and analyze learning through the arts. Each class, performance and student-teacher exchange provides inspiration for a curriculum that allows a community to respond to a particular site, encouraging the use of under-utilized public space as a way to learn and question cultural constructs and personal responses to school and education.
NAG joins School of the Future at Sgt. Dougherty for four workshops, the 2nd weekend in July:

How to Re-Imagine Your City: July 10, 3pm:

What does your ideal neighborhood look like? Join us for a workshop that asks you to imagine, visualize, and create your own ideal neighborhood. Next, learn how you can get involved in influencing the decisions that shape NYC to make your vision a reality! (Teacher: Lacey)

Guerilla Gardening: July 11, 1pm:

North Brooklyn currently has the most stalled construction sites of any neighborhood in New York City. Join us to learn how to make seed balls, a guerilla gardening strategy used to plant wildflowers in abandoned lots. You’ll leave with a bag of seed balls to distribute around the neighborhood! (Teacher: Lacey)

Newtown Creek: The Gunk Under Greenpoint Bike Tour: July 11, 3pm:

Jump on your bike and delve into the history, pollution and health of Newtown Creek, visiting the best sites around the creek to discuss the past, present and future of the area, including the industrial heritage, oil spills and pollution plumes, combined sewage overflows, potential designation as a Superfund site, and the ecosystem of estuaries. (Teacher: Ryan)

What is Affordable Housing?: July 11, 5:30pm:

In case you missed our last NAG ACTION meeting, we’re doing this workshop again! The term “affordable” is thrown around often, but what does it really mean? Why is affordable housing important to our neighborhood, and what can we do to preserve it? How can you qualify for an affordable apartment? What are the rights of affordable housing tenants? Join us as we answer these questions and more, in a workshop using the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s Envisioning Development: Affordable Housing Toolkit! (Teacher: Ryan).

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