Monthly Archives: September 2010

NAG ACTION! October 5: Newtown Creek

NAG ACTION is a monthly meeting with concerned citizens from all parts of Greenpoint & Williamsburg looking to learn more and do more in the neighborhood. The goal is to bring together any and all types of organizers, activists, local leaders, business owners, and residents to discuss, learn, and take action in the neighborhood. Typically the issues tackled fall under one of NAG’s main organizing areas (Open Space, Transportation, Affordable Housing & Community Character) October’s theme is the (infamous) Newtown Creek. The 3.5 mile long estuary that runs from Greenpoint […]

Promises, Promises: Ratner Abandons 10-Year Timeline

Elsewhere in Brooklyn, Forest City Ratner has finally acknowledged what opponents to Atlantic Yards have been saying for years – the project will not be completed in 10 years. Even in the best of times, a 10-year construction schedule was rosy, to say the least. This matters, because all of the assumptions that went into the public process were based on that 10-yer timeline – environmental assessments, support from affordable housing advocates, cost-benefit analyses of public subsidies, and so on. It also matters because now it is clear that a […]

Yankee Stadium Parking Stalls Out

Tomorrow is Park(ing) Day in NYC (NAG will have a park(ing) spot on Bedford Avenue between North 6th and North 7th Street). For years, NAG has advocated for sane and sustainable transportation policy, and has fought against the over-construction of parking. For one look at why we think we need to rethink our parking policy, take a look at this article on the Yankee Stadium parking boondoggle.

The Latest Must-Have: Bike Space

Apparently, if you make bicycle riding easier and safer, people will get out of their cars. Crain’s reports that bicycle storage is becoming a must-have amenity for apartment buyers and renters, especially here in Williamsburg. As a result, developers – like 80 Met’s Steiner NYC – are adding or increasing bicycle storage to their projects. We know that bike ridership has increased dramatically over the past few years; a Steiner spokesperson even noted that Williamsburg has “more bikers than drivers”. At the same time that bike riding is becoming a […]

Next Tuesday: Vote!

Next Tuesday (14 September) is primary day in New York. For local elections, this is often the most important day of the electoral calendar, as the Democratic winners tend to carry through in November. This year, there are a number of heavily contested races at the local level. While NAG does not take a position on electoral matters, we encourage everyone to get out and vote – the results of all of these races have the potential to make a big difference in your life. Here’s a quick rundown of […]