Monthly Archives: November 2010

A Word From Our Sponsors

NAG’s big night is tomorrow (Causey Gallery, 92 Wythe Avenue, 7pm – tickets are available online or at the door if they last). Since it is a fundraiser, we thought it only appropriate to acknowledge the sponsors of our event. We have been incredibly blessed to have a lot of very generous friends who have stepped up to contribute to NAG and make this gala a huge success. NAG thanks all of its sponsors – we look forward to seeing them, and you, at tomorrow night’s big event. Lead Sponsor […]

Sweet 16: See What’s On the Menu

NAG’s Sweet 16 is only three days away, so we thought we’d share some of the good things that will be going on that night. First up, refreshments! The food and drink at Saturday’s gala celebration has been generously provided by the following local bars, restaurants and brewers: Anella Aurora Bakeri Brooklyn Brewery Clem’s Cynthia’s Creations Diner Fornino Juliette M Shanghai Papacitos Red Star Rye Sweetwater Teddy’s Bar & Grill Urban Rustic Valdiano All of the food and beverages for this event is donated – NAG is incredibly grateful for the […]

Your Vote Still Matters

So, most of the local seats were decided during the primaries, the national mood is taking a sharp turn to the right (hopefully not back towards that ditch), and there’s this confusing new balloting system that doesn’t even seem to work. Tomorrow is election day, but it’s probably best to stay home, right? WRONG! Tuesday is election day, and your vote does still matter – as a matter of exercising your civic rights, but also as a practical matter in some very important competitive races. Enough of the why and […]