Help Keep Williamsburg Clean

Ugh! How many times have you been grossed out by the state of Bedford Ave?

Getting back to our roots, fighting against garbage in the neighborhood, NAG is a proud supporter of the latest project being launched by the Northside Merchants Association

“Keep Williamsburg Clean”

Help raise $$ to hire a summer sidewalk cleaning crew to sweep, bag, and dispose of trash along Bedford Ave & N6th on Saturdays  and Sundays over the Summer.

We’ve all seen it: trash cans on every corner overflowing with garbage, food & litter piling up in the streets and on the sidewalk, the overwhelming stink of trash baking in the Summer sun. Over the past few years, Summer weekends have turned our community into a dumping ground and despite the valiant efforts of many to keep our streets clean, the problem just seems to get worse and worse…

In response to all the trash talking, the NMA is organizing the local businesses and working with community groups and residents to launch a new program that will take action to keep Bedford Ave & N6th clean this Summer. In addition to the cleaning crew, the Keep Williamsburg Clean project will lobby for bigger and better trash cans for our busy neighborhood.

You can get in on the ground floor to support this grassroot effort to clean up our main commercial drags.

Participating businesses will be donating $150 each; Residents can donate cash in amounts of their choosing and support cleaner sidewalks for our community.

It is as easy as checking out the Keep Williamsburg Clean page and donating via Paypal. [All donations are tax deductible!]

Questions: Contact Caitlin Dourmashkin at 718.388.7287 x116 or

Stay tuned for a fundraiser to make sure we meet the $$ goal to help keep our community beautiful.

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0 thoughts on “Help Keep Williamsburg Clean

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    Those are some of the best litter photos I have seen… thanks for the great photo-journalism…

    Never let anyone stop you from imagining a clean environment.

    Health is a result of environmental signals to your DNA.

    Every time you make a good choice against litter, positive chemical reactions happen instantly in your body & brain that make you more

    healthy and alive.

    In other words… Picking Up Litter = Free Drugs created by your brain.

    Future generations will not tolerate litter.

    Feel free to contact me if you want a free link from my website.

    In hope of Peace & Synergy & Holo Pono