Important Community Meeting about the Loft Law

North Brooklyn Loft Law Super-Meeting & Information Extravaganza

Tuesday April 26th     7:30pm

Our Lady of the Rosary-Pompeii

225 Seigel St (btwn Bushwick & White)

East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Hey Loft Tenants! Where are you in the Loft Law process….

Did you recently get a visit from your landlord’s architect and wonder why? Did your landlord send you a building registration and you have no idea what it means or are concerned about an error? Have you applied for coverage and received your docket number but aren’t sure what your rights are or what happens next? Are you a new IMD (loft law building), wondering how that will change your rent, apartment, and rights? Are you still thinking about applying but have questions about a potential incompatible use? Wondering if you qualify? Have questions about code compliance work? Looking for answers about the costs and processes associated with the Loft Law?

If any of these (or other) questions are running through your head, come to this meeting and meet the people with the answers and the know-how to help you. In addition to all the amazing organizers and volunteers from Ridgewood-Bushwick, East Williamsburg/Bushwick Loft Tenants Association  & NAG, some very important people will be in the room to talk to you:

CM Levin & Assemblyman Lopez working hard in support of loft tenants

Asemblyman Vito Lopez. He not only worked super hard for over a decade to pass a Loft Law extension, but also more recently spearheaded through the NYS Assembly a bill requiring landlords to provide essential services to tenants who have applied for loft law coverage and received a docket number from the Loft Board, but have not yet had their coverage determined. Learn about this and other legislation he is working on to improve the Loft Law.

Councilman Stephen Levin. A superior and savvy organizer himself, CM Levin’s office works with loft tenants throughout Greenpoint, North Williamsburg, and along the waterfront into DUMBO and in support of a fair and balanced law for loft tenants throughout the city.

Donald Ranshte, Director of Intergovermental Affairs & Community Relations, NYC Department of Buildings. The DOB houses the Loft Board and deals with code compliance and legalization issues. If it needs a work permit, the DOB oversees it.

Lanny Alexander, Executive Director, NYC Loft Board. The NYC Loft Board is the agency that oversees the entire loft law process from accepting your application, to setting your final rent for eventual rent regulation.

This meeting is an important place to be if you are a loft tenant who wants tenant rights!

(Like we said, this meeting is super super super important, but don’t freak or fret if you can’t make this meeting due to school or other important obligations. We will have a report from this meeting at our monthly NAG Loft Tenants meeting the following night (more info about this meeting on our Loft Law page. If you can only attend one meeting, please attend the Super Meeting & Informational Extravaganza!! It is beyond important for us to stand together as a loft community…)

tenants getting organized...

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0 thoughts on “Important Community Meeting about the Loft Law

  • Erin

    Thank you! Our building has just applied for the loft law and we are recieving push back from the landlord. Cant wait to attend this pow wow and get some real education!