Reminder: Community Board Meeting tonight

CB#1 Meeting. June 2009

Tonight is the monthly Community Board meeting and Public Session.

The meeting starts at 630pm, typically running until 830 or 9pm.

In the Community Room @ the Swinging Sixties Senior Center

211 Ainslie Street (Corner of Manhattan Avenue)

Community Boards are the foundation of democratic, community-based planning in NYC. They are the first rung of City government, and a critical venue for public participation, consensus building and positive local change. While at times frustrating or long, these meetings are at the heart of a healthy community process. By design, Community Boards are the place for local debate, as well as inspiration and education. By attending and participating, people can bring new ideas to the neighborhood.

WNYC working the crowd at a CB#1 meeting

NAG takes an active role in our local Community Board. (Brooklyn Community Board 1 aka CB1) and we think you should too! The agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found on the official CB#1 website.

If you would like to speak during the public session, you must sign up before 615pm. Members of the public can address the board for 2 minutes on any neighborhood issue.

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