North Brooklyn Trivia Challenge Recap

Tuesday night marked our first ever NAG North Brooklyn Trivia Night, and it’s safe to say it was a big success.  Six teams competed for the coveted surprise prize, four tickets to the new Nighthawk Cinema.   It was a close game, with several switch ups in the leaderboard throughout the evening, but ultimately, the Unofficial Ladies Community Auxilary Board One team were determined the champs.   Here’s a picture of the winning team disputing a question by a fierce challenger, The Greenpoint Hot Karls:

Thanks to the teams and observers alike who came and filled the Woods backyard with conversation and competition.   We were thrilled to have so many people show up and support us, either by joining a team or just buying a drink.  We’d also like to thank special guests Councilman Steve Levin and District Leader Lincoln Restler for popping in, and of course a huge thank you to The Woods for their generous support.  It was also nice to see familiar and unfamiliar faces– NAG is growing and we’re happy to have you join in!

The night was so much fun that you shouldn’t be too surprised if we do another Trivia Night in the near future.

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