Williamsburg Walks Week One


The wet weather on Saturday didn’t entirely put a damper on the first weekend of Williamsburg Walks. Borough President Marty Markowitz (left), his chief counsel Jason OtaƱo (second from left) and Councilmember Steve Levin (right) joined NAG Co-Chair Ward Dennis to kick off the event. Soon after, the rain let up and people were able to enjoy a car-free Bedford Avenue for much of the afternoon and evening.

Because of the rain, the number of programmed spaces was reduced, and much of Bedford became a public piazza with people passing through on their way to the Renegade Craft Fair or Smorgasburg, sitting out to enjoy some local food, or just enjoying a less-crowded-than-usual walk down Bedford Avenue.

With any luck, this Saturday will see the return of the sun and more active programming. But for one cool, gray day, it was nice to see our neighbors just using their public space.

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