No Space for Community Organizing?!?

The bad news is that another arts organization/activist meeting space is being displaced from the neighborhood. (Can you say 240% rent increase!!) Through its various names  —The Change You Want To See, Not An Alternative, No Space—  the gallery/co-working space on Havemeyer has been a laboratory for the cross-pollination of artists, activists, and academics, hosting countless film screenings, artist talks, workshops & trainings, panel discussions, and festivals.

Change You Want To See Gallery. circa April 2008

The good news is that they have a lease on a new space on the Greenpoint waterfront and are gearing up for another year of education, activism, and events in the neighborhood. But they need our collective support. Check out their awesome video for their even more awesome kickstarter campaign.

No Space has always been an integral part of the North Brooklyn artist/activist community. Become one of their kickstarter supporters (before Dec 3rd!!)

We would like to thank Not An Alternative for all the amazing things they have done for and in the neighborhood. Their first major effort involved a series of projects aimed at challenging the 2005 rezoning and gentrification of our neighborhood. Now, 7 yrs later, they find themselves being displaced, like countless other spaces, businesses and residents around here over the years.  Get a glimpse at all the great programming and actions at their not an alternative flickr page and contribute to their kickstarter campaign to help fund their first year of programming in their new space.

Not An Alternative Waterfront Parade & Festival. Spring 2005.


Not An ALternative Waterfront Parade & Festival. Spring 2005

Not An Alternative Waterfront Festival. Spring 2005

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