What is the State of the Neighborhood?

Town Hall Meeting

Thurs Feb 2, 2012. 7-9pm
160 N 5th — Holy Ghost Ukranian Church

Neighborhood Forum

Sat Feb 4, 2012. 12-4pm
110 Kent Ave [@N8th]
Ground floor of NAG office bldg.

If you could give the neighborhood a grade,what would it be?

Join new and long-time community members as we discuss the crucial issues in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, things like affordable housing, tenant rights, homelessness, transportation, safe streets, public schools, development and city infrastructure, open space, parks, and environmental justice.

NAG will be presenting a Community Report Card talking baout where we’re at and where we’ve been on these issues. Community members can then discuss and decide on the main issues that are the most important right now; the issues that need action to make our neighborhoods more livable.

After selecting our community’s most important issues,  come out the following  Saturday to the State of the Neighborhood Forum  to discuss how we are going to take action and make changes in our neighborhoods!

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