Walk for Safety on McGuiness Blvd

McGuiness Blvd Memorial Walk — Part of the 7th Annual NYC Memorial Ride & Walk

The NYC Street Memorial Project will hold the 7th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk on Sunday, March 18, 2012. Together we will ride to the locations where cyclists have lost their lives in the past year and walk to the location of all the fatalities on McGuiness Blvd. Bring flowers and other items to honor those we have lost.

This year, in order to highlight the dangerous conditions that continue to fester and kill people along McGuiness Blvd, NAG & Transportation Alternatives, are organizing the Memorial Walk, visiting the spot of every fatality along McGuiness Blvd from 1995-2009 (with the addition of later deaths that we are aware of).

The Pedestrian Memorial Project was established to honor pedestrians killed on New York City streets. An outgrowth of the Ghost Bike movement, a plaque is placed at the site of a pedestrian fatality, indicating that the all too common tragedy occurred there.

The plaque reads:

Killed here by motor vehicle.
This death was preventable.
Save Lives: Drive safely and respect each other.

We seek to cultivate a compassionate and supportive community for survivors and friends of those lost and to initiate a change in culture that fosters mutual respect among all people who share the streets. Our memorial plaques serve as a reminder of the severity and extent of the problem of unsafe streets in New York City.

Memorial Walk. Sunday March 18, 2012

1:45-2pm: Gather @ Manhattan Ave & Green St
2:05 — Unnamed Memorial, Green St & McGuiness Blvd
2:15 — Liz Byrne, Kent St & McGuiness Blvd
2:25 — Unnamed Memorial, Greenpoint Ave & McGuiness Blvd
2:35 — Neil Chamberlain + Unnamed Memorial, Calyer & McGuiness Blvd
2;45 — Unnamed Memorial, Norman & McGuiness Blvd
2:55 — Unnamed Memorial, Nassau & McGuiness Blvd
3:40 — Lepoldo Hernandez, Borinquien Pl & S2nd
4:00 — Unknown Memorial, Union Ave & S5th [Convergence with Memorial Ride]


Rain date: Sunday, March 25


The Ride/Walk schedule is subject to change – for updates on the day of the ride follow us at www.twitter.com/nycstreetmem or #memride2012.

You can read more about our project at www.ghostbikes.org/new-york-city. Event details will be updated at http://ghostbikes.org/node/906.

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