Free Sod!!!

We showed you our lawn…

Now it’s your turn to show us Your Lawn!!!

Bedford Ave is peppered with grassy lawns during Williamsburg Walks, giving all of us a little green space to relax on while enjoying the buzz of our main drag. After the Walks, each week, NAG is giving away our sod from Williamsburg Walks.  First come, first served.

If you come and volunteer from 730pm-9pm, helping us fold cafe tables & chairs, get stuff back to the NAG office, and roll up sod, then you get first dibs at grabbing some sod for your lawn. Meet @ NAG table in front of Northside Pharmacy @ N7th. You will get to grab your grass @ 9pm.

Otherwise, the street opens @ 930pm and the sod is up for grabs –walk or drive it away.

We have a lot of grass and we dont want any of it to go to waste, so please spread the word — Free Sod on Bedford Ave.

With some love and attention, you can turn some free sod patches into a great green space!



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