Last chance to check out Williamsburg Walks

Come out and play!

Today is the final installment of this year’s Williamsburg Walks. Our pedestrian plaza will have lots of grass lawns, cafe seating, and game stations located all along Bedford Ave from Metropolitan Ave to McCarren Park.  Swing by Renegade Craft Fair in East River Park and shop for some of the keenest local goods around and then meet friends fro drinks up on Bedford. Many bars and restaurants will have expanded sidewalk cafes.

Swing by the NAG booth at N7th and say hey, shop for a bottle of sunscreen from our local pharmacy, and grab a seat on our our many lawns hosted by our fabulous sponsors — East River Ferry, Green Mountain Energy, L Magazine, & Northside Festival. We will also be joined on the street by many community groups. St Nicks will be hosting a puzzle station while El Puente will be home of all things solar, and our station for the Dominos & Mancala games. Common Cause will be out getting you to register to vote or play a mean game of 4 square. The Greenpoint Soup Kitchen Volunteers will be playing games with ya. Several local businesses will be out promoting their wares: Fluent City, Svens Moving, Shag, Mikey Likes It, and much more.

Dont forget to swing by our table and learn about our latest neighborhood initiatives. We have lots of projects percolating for the Summer; we just need the volunteer power to execute. Come by and sign up for some neighborhood activism!

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