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This came into the NAG inbox today and i have to admit that it inspired me to vote in an online contest (something i NEVER do). Check it out!

I have had a garden on my South Williamsburg stoop for 24 years. My first planter boxes were old refrigerator shells. Several years ago I got the city to plant 2 Linden trees on my sidewalk through the Million Trees program. The city did a hack job and dug up enormous areas of the concrete leaving vast dirt patches. Last year I paved these areas with 581 bricks that I scavenged from an empty lot around the corner. I welded steel tree guards capable of fending off the UPS truck, which have been test proven. And last fall I planted 35 daffodil bulbs, which first sprouted this spring. I live on one of the dirtiest streets in Brooklyn. There is trash strewn everywhere and little regard for beauty or quality of life. But my little stoop is paradise. Please help me continue my efforts. Help me demonstrate to the neighborhood and my elected officials how hard I have worked to make my neighborhood nicer. Please take a moment to vote for my tree beds. After 24 hours please vote again. Please spread the word. The contest ends August 3rd.

Rob H.

So, if you want to support a neighbor doing good, vote for “Robert’s Spring Daffodils” in the My Tree NYC: Beautiful Tree Bed Contest by Million Trees NYC

How to Vote:

Follow this link to the Facebook App.

Pretty sure you have to like Million Trees & then search for Robert’s Daffodils. Then you vote (and you will have to allow the Offerpop App to work it’s magic…) It is a relatively painless way to support all those guerilla gardeners in the neighborhood that put their time, $$, and sweat into beautifying our local streets.

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