Williamsburg Bridge Park Community Visioning

We have biked, walked, and driven past the city-owned land under/surrounding the Williamsburg Bridge for years. But on Sunday afternoon, in the beautiful backyard of the Woods, we put our collective heads together and talked about all the wonderful uses our community can imagine for that land as public open space.

First  NAG’s co-chair, Ward Dennis gave us a quick introduction to the site and walked us through all the community groups and local pols who support putting  parkspace on that land. Then James Rojas and his fabulous student helpers from Pratt, led us through an afternoon of creative building and talking…



    By the end of the afternoon, we came up with a big list of uses, a whole lot of creative ideas for the park, and a great community vision for the waterfront under the Williamsburg Bridge. Stay tuned for all the results from this session and dates for more upcoming meetings.

Such big gratis goes out to James Rojas and his student helpers, Isabel and Joseph, for taking time to come and lead us in this beautiful exercise. It was such a great way to put community planning into practice! Thanks to everyone from the community who came out to join in the fun. It was especially great to have both our council reps, CM Levin & CM Reyna, our state committee man, Lincoln Restler, and reps from El Puente, St Nicks Alliance, and UJ Care in attendance . And of course, big thanks to our partner in crime, Churches United for Fair Housing for helping us plan and promote this event.



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