Loft Board to Discuss Rules…

The Loft Board published a set of seven rules in May for which they held a series of 3 public hearings to hear public comment during the second half  of July.

We Spoke

They Listened


Tune in to the Loft Board meeting (and final public hearing) tomorrow, Thursday August 2nd as they deliberate on all these important rules after listening to the Loft community’s testimonies and reading written submissions.

Loft Board Meeting & Public Hearing. 2pm. 22 Reade — City Planning Building

In case you missed it, there is a quick break down of the Rules being considered after the jump. The Loft Board has been responsive to our concerns, so it’s very important to read these rules and testify either in paper or in writing. You can still email in testimony today…and you can still testify on Rule 2.12 at tomorrow’s hearing.

Please think about attending the meeting tomorrow. We need to show them that we are listening, that we are watching, that we are interested in the decisions they will be making. Please take the opportunity to spend the afternoon with other loft tenants safeguarding our community’s loft rights. Sitting on a beach this week? Call upon your housemate, your neighbors — make sure your building is represented!

Rule 2-09 Subletting – covers prime tenant issues too

Rule 2-11.1 Fine Schedule

Rule 2-02 Harassment

Rule 2-07 Sale of Improvements
Rule 2-10 Sale of Rights (and Abandonment – the two ways a unit gets out of rent stabilization)

Rule 2-06.2 Interim Rent Guidelines

Rule 2-12 Rent Adjustments

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