NAG Gala. 10 Reasons to Attend…

Get gussied up & celebrate neighborhood activism!

Enjoying food, fun, & friends at the 2011 Gala

#7 -You believe in building a stronger community through citizen participation. NAG devotes a lot of our resources to helping the residents of Greenpoint & Williamsburg plug into their local government and create (or call for) real change on their street…

Good times at the 2011 Gala

NAG’s Annual Neighborhood Gala & Benefit is such fun! We gather together a great bunch of neighborhood activists, advocates, and supporters in one room to celebrate NAG’s grassroot neighborhood activism. This year the Gala will take place on Saturday, November 3rd from 8 p.m. to midnight. The venue is Biba, the soon to open restaurant space located below our offices at 110 Kent Avenue (North 8th Street – looking onto the East River State Park). It is an evening of food & drink & music & dancing.

Buy a ticket today and support our brand of community organizing. NAG is a great mix of old timers and newbies who work together to improve our neighborhood on a hyper-local level.  Some of this work has developed into a series of skillshares that we like to call NAG Action where our organizers help break down neighborhood issues and the byzantine practices of  local government. NAG ACTION brings the issues of our Organizing Agenda–Open Space, Transportation, Affordable Housing, and Community Character–under one umbrella. The goal is to address them in a proactive way and to support the larger goals of progressive, intelligent community growth, bringing together any and all types of organizers, activists, local leaders, business owners, and residents to discuss, learn, and take action in the neighborhood.

Sharing ideas at the NAG Town Hall

The topics are determined by NAG’s (volunteer) organizers, rotating between teach-ins, skillshares, group discussions, and actions. Areas of focus center around the immediate concerns of our community as we look to local experts on each topic to help us teach and participate. The best part of NAG Action is that we welcome everyone to join us at any level of neighborhood knowledge. Whether you’ve been in the ‘hood your entire life or just arrived last week, there are things that we can all learn, share, and do together to better our community. The list of NAG Action events over the past 3 years is exhaustive. Check out the blog to see just a few. We hope to keep growing and growing that list each year to include all of the issues that affect our everyday life in North Brooklyn.

Support NAG’s  continued work by coming out to celebrate another year of nagging!

We really hope that you can join us for this special night. Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available at Brown Paper Tickets. For more information, please email us at

Talking about waterfront open space. Jul 2012

Superfund Skillshare @ GMDC. Oct 2010


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