NAG Gala. 10 Reasons You Should Attend

Tim Clement Trio performing at 2011 Gala

Talking neighborhood action at the 2011 Gala

 #8 — You helped NAG & Peoples Firehouse kickstart our Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center project.  We need your continued support today to ensure that our services and programming remain as dynamic and diverse in our new home tomorrow…

NAG’s Annual Neighborhood Gala & Benefit is one of amazingly fun nights when a lot of activists, advocates, and supporters gather in one room to celebrate grassroots neighborhood activism. This year the Gala will take place on Saturday, November 3rd from 8 p.m. to midnight. The venue is Biba, the soon to open restaurant space located below our offices at 110 Kent Avenue (North 8th Street – looking onto the East River State Park). It is an evening of food & drink & music & dancing.

North Brooklyn has been through a lot in the last decade. Rapid change had begun even before the rezoning of the area in 2005—and has since brought both success and stress to our neighborhood. Throughout this period, long-time residents and new arrivals often sparred over the direction, character, and management of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. But residents of North Brooklyn have made much progress together, despite the differences. And there is no better symbol for that effort than the Northside Town Hall project.

Celebrating the Northside Town Hall with BP Marty Markowitz

When it was closed for good several years ago, the community united behind a proposal that the firehouse become a town hall, led by two of the most respected organizations in our neighborhood: The People’s Firehouse and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth. Although both organizations have been around for some time, they each represent different sections of the community. The People’s Firehouse is led by a board of mainly long-time residents—some of whom have local roots that go back generations. NAG also has long-time residents on its board, but its membership is decidedly newer to the area.

The combination gives the Northside Town Hall input from all corners of the community, and has already led to lasting accomplishments for the neighborhood. We worked together to start the popular annual “Taste Greenpoint-Williamsburg” fundraiser for the Town Hall, attended by thousands of New Yorkers each year. The event, its sister “Drink Greenpoint-Williamsburg”, and the generous support of our elected officials and neighbors have brought the Town Hall close to its fundraising goal in just a few years. But we are most proud that our project has brought normally separate parts of our community together. In addition to diverse support within the community, it also has vociferous support from each of our local elected officials, as well as unanimous support by our community board.

Our dream is not yet realized—but, so far, we would like to think those brave souls who occupied the firehouse in 1975 would be proud. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the video we made for our kickstarter drive.

Support NAG’s  continued work by coming out to celebrate another year of nagging! We really hope that you can join us for this special night. Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available at Brown Paper Tickets. For more information, please email us at

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