NAG Action: How to ULURP!

We had the great pleasure of co-hosting an event with CUP & El Puente–A Citizen’s Guide to Land Use Review. Through this amazing game invented by CUP, we sent a sandwich through the ULURP process. By role playing the process, we educated ourselves on the players and the process, discussed the timeline for developing development, and engaged in a healthy conversation about the community’s voice and ability to make change to developers and politicians plans for our fair city. With insight from planners, educators, organizers, and community members, we discussed the community’s role in big rezonings in Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s past and thought about how communities can maximize their leverage in designing development in their neighborhoods.

We were super honored to be able to have CUP in the house, participating in their amazing activity, and having these discussions with our neighbors and future planners of the City. So, when’s the next Land Use Committee meeting?

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0 thoughts on “NAG Action: How to ULURP!

  • Akiva Zamcheck

    Hey there,

    I was very interested in this meeting, but was unable to go. Would it be possible for me to find out more about what went on, and the groups/individuals/constituents that are involved in this?