NAG Action: CB Speak UP!!

Have you ever been so fired up about a neighborhood issue that you have spent hours ranting about it , either online or over drinks with friends? Well, this is your chance to speak out for 2 minutes about a neighborhood issue dear to your heart…

In the upcoming months, there will be several public hearings about big developments coming to the neighborhood. As was learned at our ULURP workshop, there are a few select times during process in which the public is given a chance to voice their praise or concern for the plans. Practice your public-speaking skills and learn how the public process works on a neighborhood level by speaking out at next week’s Community Board meeting.

On the agenda for the March Combined Full Board & Public meeting:
3 applications for sidewalk cafes
update from state parks about the flea moving into East River Park
BSA application
update from NYC Health Dept about rodent activity in North Brooklyn
discussion with DOS, NYPD, & DOT about getting allowances for double parking during street cleaning
EDC is coming to talk about the disposition & development of a vacant lot (currently used for parking of a non-profit) on Rutledge
de-mapping of Union Ave in McCarren Park
committee reports — the enviro comm report will include business regarding the 61 Franklin Street Garden
& 29 liquor license renewals or applications, including the Brooklyn Flea in the East River State Park…

(See our Facebook event page for more detailed info on some of the agenda items)

So now that you have seen the agenda, you are feeling inspired to come to the meeting and add your 2 cents, right?!? To speak during the Board meeting, one must sign up on the speaker form before 615pm. Speakers are called up during the meeting. If you are speaking to a specific topic, you can be called up after that item’s presentation. Or you will be called up during the public session — after presentations but before committee reports. You are given two minutes.

Speaking during a CB meeting is a great way to inform the community about street-level problems, express your concern to or about City agencies, or just praise the good things you see going on about the neighborhood. Create change through 2 minutes of words!!

Afterwards, NAGsters and friends will go for an after meeting drink to dish and discuss the highlights of the meeting — as of late we have been walking down to the Commodore on Metropolitan & Havemeyer because they have great salads & grilled cheese and we are usually famished after those LONG meetings…but we follow the critical mass of opinion!!

RSVP via email or the FB event. Let us know what issues have you ready to speak up. We will be posting cb speaking pointers all week long here on the blog and over on our FB page.

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