NAG Action: Plugging into the Community Board

Notes from the March CB#1 Transportation Committee Meeting

Last night was an action-packed Transportation Committee meeting. The meeting was held at the local CB offices on Graham Avenue with 3 CB members (Wilfredo F, Karen N, & Ryan K) and 1 staff member (Marie) in attendance. With so many items on the agenda, the meeting was fast-paced and got down to business from the get-go.

The first item was a presentation from MTA on the new bus route through the Navy Yard. It is technically not a “new” route but an extension of the B67. Instead of stopping in Downtown Brooklyn, the bus will continue on from Jay St through the Navy Yard, circling around over on Division. The route will start with Mon-Fri 5am-7pm running time. There will be a joint public hearing on this extension and for the new B32 bus route up Kent Ave.

The second item was a presentation by the DOT on 3 new bike corrals being proposed for the neighborhood. More about the bike corral program here – Bicycle Parking. Each of these bike corrals has a neighborhood partner who is in charge of maintenance. The 3 locations and partners are: Kingbird @ Frost & Meeker, Williamsburg Cinemas @ Driggs & Grand St, and Marlow & Sons/Diner @ Broadway & Berry.

The third item was a new pedestrian plaza at Broadway & Bedford/S6th. To be called the George B Post Plaza , there is a facebook page with lots of info. There will be a presentation of the plaza to the full board. If/when the full board votes to recommend (the transpo comm voted in favor), then construction will begin on April 15th with completion in less than a week.

The fourth item was another presentation about a proposed plaza at Frost & Meeker. This application is similar to the Post Plaza in theory, but has some differences. The owners of the bar who are opening in the old Lorely space were informed of the pedestrian plaza program during their SLA committee hearing. They were too late to put in an official application but if they were willing to shoulder more of the building costs with limited DOT resources, the idea could move forward.  In a spot that is mostly used by illegally parked trucks, this idea got support from the committee. Both pedestrian plazas presentations will be shown to the full board at the April Public meeting.

The last item was the announcement of the DOT’s Weekend Walk/Summer Streets program coming to the Southside. El Puente & the Southside Merchants are teaming up to sponsor the neighborhood’s third Weekend Walk’s event. Joining Williamsburg Walks in June & the Grand Street Weekend Walk Block Party in July, Southside Connex will be taking to the streets–  Havemeyer St to be exact–in September.  Anusha, from the El Puente Green Light District is just getting started on all the planning. Contact her for more ways to plug into the event.

That was the meeting in a nutshell. The transportation committee meets typically on the third Tuesday of every month (that there are agenda items). The board is always looking for community members who would like to get further involved and join the committee. Tune into any committee meeting to join up.

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