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Snow Removal or Garbage Pick-Up?

Snow Removal or Garbage Pick-up? Jessica Podkalicki Many New York City residents don’t know that the New York City Department of Sanitation handles more than just our garbage.  The Department’s responsibilities span from snow plowing and removal to solid waste pick-up and recyclable sorting to street cleaning. However, the moment snow falls in the city, snow becomes the priority.  All of New York City’s manpower and equipment focus on snow removal (mostly plowing via garbage trucks) from streets and highways.   Snow-filled and icy streets are extremely dangerous, so it’s understandable […]

NAG is Hiring! Technical Advisor for the NuHart Plastics Superfund Site in Greenpoint

NAG was very fortunate to be awarded a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The grant will be used to hire a Technical Advisor to foster community participation surrounding remediation of the Superfund site of the former NuHart Plastic Manufacturing factory. Currently the site is a class 2 state Superfund site (see this link to find out more about what that classification means). It is located on Dupont Street in north Greenpoint, adjacent to the Greenpoint waterfront and across the street from […]

The Most Romantic Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour Ever: Valentine’s Day at Newtown Creek 3

This morning NAG attended the sold out Valentine’s Day tour of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint. The Plant’s free monthly Digester Egg Tours often sell out and today’s was no exception, all three of today’s 100-person tours sold out far ahead of time. The tour came with a commemorative Valentine’s Day card and “NYC SEWER” pin, and the tour was filled with happy couples walking arm-in-arm.  It was probably the only wastewater treatment plant tour where “Has anyone ever proposed here?” seemed like a reasonable question (the response was […]

Hearing on City Council Legislation to Reduce Solid Waste Transfer Facilities in Greenpoint and Williamsburg

Tomorrow NAG will testify at a New York City Council hearing for Intro 495, a bill that would reduce permitted capacity at solid waste transfer stations in overburdened districts including Brooklyn’s Community Board 1, which encompasses Greenpoint and Williamsburg.  Click here to read our comment letter about this important legislation. Do you care about long-term air quality in North Brooklyn?  Did you know that North Brooklyn handles 34% of all the solid waste processed in New York City?  It’s true — North Brooklyn has 16 waste transfer stations, and is one of three communities, […]

Press Release: Brooklyn Residents Call on Mayor de Blasio to Examine the City’s Environmental and Public Health Response to Williamsburg Fire

Brooklyn Residents Call on Mayor de Blasio to Examine the City’s Environmental  and Public Health Response to Williamsburg Fire Advocates Launch Petition, Call on Mayor to Monitor Site for Toxins & Develop a Robust Air Monitoring Program for Future Commercial/Industrial Fires WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN— While a seven-alarm industrial fire in the popular and growing residential waterfront of North Brooklyn continues to burn, a coalition of local neighborhood activists are demanding the City be more vigilant, and have launched a new petition on The petition calls on the De Blasio administration to take […]