Hearing on City Council Legislation to Reduce Solid Waste Transfer Facilities in Greenpoint and Williamsburg

Tomorrow NAG will testify at a New York City Council hearing for Intro 495, a bill that would reduce permitted capacity at solid waste transfer stations in overburdened districts including Brooklyn’s Community Board 1, which encompasses Greenpoint and Williamsburg.  Click here to read our comment letter about this important legislation.New_York_City_Hall

Do you care about long-term air quality in North Brooklyn?  Did you know that North Brooklyn handles 34% of all the solid waste processed in New York City?  It’s true — North Brooklyn has 16 waste transfer stations, and is one of three communities, including Southeast Queens and the South Bronx, that together process about 75% of the city’s trash.  study by local organization OUTRAGE found that one of every two trucks on North Brooklyn streets is affiliated with the waste industry, and that North Brooklyn’s air has 355% higher rates of particulate matter on days when the transfer stations are open vs. when they are closed.  

Our local City Councilmembers Stephen Levin and Antonio Reynoso have introduced legislation, Intro 495, to address the discriminatory siting of waste facilities in New York City. The bill would reduce the amount of trash sent to North Brooklyn, the South Bronx, and Jamaica, Queens by 18% or just over 2,000 tons per day. It would also create a cap for New York City community districts so that no community in the future is unfairly overburdened with garbage.

The Council’s Sanitation Committee, of which Councilmember Reynoso is Chair, will hear Intro 495 this Friday, February 13, at 10am in Council Chambers at City Hall.  Local advocates will hold a press conference before the hearing in support of the bill.  Here are some ways you can help support this important legislation:

  • Attend the Press Conference (Friday, 9:15 am on the steps of City Hall)
  • Testify at the City Council Hearing (Friday, 10am, Council Chambers at City Hall), or submit written testimony by emailing Cullen Howe at chowe@council.nyc.gov.
  • If you live in another district, contact your Councilmember and encourage him/her to support Intro 495.
  • Tweet your support for waste equity in New York City and/or your own experience with truck traffic and health issues in North Brooklyn @CMReynoso34 and @StephenLevin33 with #WasteEquity #Support495

For more information on Intro 495, please contact Lacey Tauber (office of CM Reynoso) atltauber@council.nyc.gov or Matt Ojala (office of CM Levin) at mojala@council.nyc.gov.


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