Join NAG for FREE neighborhood walking tours (see post for updated availability)

Last Saturday, NAG kicked off a series of free walking tours in collaboration with Julia Borowicz and Larissa Begault, an interdisciplinary team from the Parsons Urban Practice Graduate Program. The walking tours are 1:00pm-3:00pm every Saturday in April and start at NAG’s office at 110 Kent Ave in Williamsburg.

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Through these walking workshops we seek to address the common goals of recapturing the waterfront and advocating for the people who live and work there, making the claim that the entire community is entitled to participate in decision-making and negotiation processes affecting their neighborhood, and promoting the right to design a future vision for shared public space. The walks include: an introduction to the Williamsburg waterfront, ownership, policies and past, present and future use and management of the space; a historical and physical evolution of the neighborhood; and an overview of demographic change and the social, political and economic reasons behind these. The walks will be centered around the themes of Public space / Public sphere, Collective Commonality, and Multiple Belonging and Difference.

walking tour 2The dates for the remaining walking tours are:

04/11 1:00pm (Approx. 2 hrs) – full

04/18 1:00pm (Approx. 2 hrs) – space still available

04/25 1:00pm (Approx. 2 hrs) – rescheduled

5/2 1:00pm (Approx. 2 hrs) – space still available (date added, in conjunction with Jane’s Walks)

Please RSVP to the  walking tours at:

For more information please see our previous blog post or check out this article in the Greenpoint Gazette.

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