NAG is Looking for Part-Time Interns for the Summer and Fall!

Below is the description of the part-time unpaid summer internships that NAG currently has available.


Small North Brooklyn based civic engagement non‐profit seeks unpaid interns to assist in research and implementation of various environmental projects including a project focusing on aggregating and disseminating data about polluted sites in the Greenpoint‐Williamsburg area, a litter characterization study in Greenpoint, and community engagement regarding a Superfund site in Greenpoint.

Focus of Unpaid Internship

The intern and the Community Environmental Organizer will discuss NAG’s current projects at the outset of the internship and determine the focus of the internship and specific project and deliverables that the intern will work on. NAG’s current environmental projects include:

  • aggregating and disseminating data about polluted sites (“Hot Spots”) in the Greenpoint‐Williamsburg area through a NYSDEC Environmental Justice grant;water tower photo
    water tower photo
  • coordinating community clean-up events and litter characterization waste sorts for the Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint! campaign; and
  • serving as a liaison for the NuHart Plastics Superfund site clean-up in Greenpoint through a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) from NYSDEC.

Students from a variety of disciplines are encouraged to apply. For example, non-exclusive examples of potential projects include:

  • creating short films about toxic “Hot Spots”;
  • creating NYC-specific recycling PSAs;
  • coordinating outreach events and workshops and/or develop lesson plans for local schools about the  toxic “Hot Spots” map.
  • developing overall social media strategy and branding for the organization; or
  • creating a detailed newsletter about all of NAG’s current environmental projects, which would include interviewing local activists.

Responsibilities & Logistics

Qualified candidates will be self‐motivated, able to research, document, write‐up reports, present information in workshops, and participate in outreach and education events in the community.

Interns must be available 8 per week for the duration of the internship. This time will be split between NAG’s office in Williamsburg, offsite meetings, and virtual work. Much of the interns’ time might be spent remotely, depending on the project and the work agreement reached with the Community Environmental Organizer. Significant opportunities will also be available for interns to attend networking events.

The dates of the summer internship will be June 15 – Aug 14th.


This is a part-time unpaid internship. A modest transportation stipend of $45 per month will be provided to interns. School credit is available.


Qualified candidates must have a demonstrated interest in environmental issues, be enrolled in a degree program (graduate students enrolled for credit preferred). North Brooklyn residents as well as bi‐lingual candidates, particularly Polish and Spanish speakers, are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Please send resume & cover letter to by May 29th.  The cover letter should include the candidate’s availability to interview the first week of June as well as the candidate’s availability to work during the internship period. The cover letter should also identify at least one NAG project area that the intern is interested in pursuing.

This internship position is also posted on along with our post for fall 2015 positions.

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