Monthly Archives: July 2015

Canoeing on Newtown Creek

By Devon Kennedy, NAG intern On the Saturday before last, I went canoeing in Newtown Creek, the creek that forms the border between Brooklyn and Queens. The canoe trip was organized by North Brooklyn Boat Club. Before the trip started, one of the Boat Club’s guides –  T. Willis Elkins – shared with us some of the history of Newtown Creek. It was once larger and had wetland surrounding it, but the city’s construction has since confined it into a smaller body of water. Due to the historical industrial use of […]

What does 28 acres look like? Bushwick Inlet Park “OCCUPY the INLET” on August 9th 1

By Slade Koval, NAG volunteer Bushwick Inlet Park? Isn’t Bushwick Inlet in Bushwick? If I live in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, why would I care about a park over there? How big would this park even be? Despite efforts taken by the Williamsburg/Greenpoint-based organization Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, the new residents and many of the old community still lack knowledge of the city’s failed promise to build a 28 acre park to remediate the community’s growing population after the 2005 rezoning of the waterfront (which allowed the waterfront condo towers to […]

NuHart Plastics Superfund Site Community Meeting, Introduction to Technical Advisor

NAG recently hired Environmental Stewardship Concepts (ESC), an environmental consulting firm, to act as a Technical Advisor on the NuHart Plastic Manufacturing Superfund site on Dupont Street in northern Greenpoint. NAG hired ESC with a Technical Assistance Grant that was from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). ESC was founded in 1996 and has extensive experience working with Superfund sites and other polluted sites all over the country. After the NuHart site’s current developer submits its site cleanup plan to the DEC, ESC will create detailed recommendations on how to make […]

Highlights From Tenants' Forum in Greenpoint

By Devon Kennedy, NAG intern Last week I attended a Tenants’ Forum in Greenpoint at the Polish National Home. The event was sponsored by the local organization St. Nick’s Alliance, along with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development. The attendees, mostly residents of the area, sat in the auditorium while various speakers shared information that tenants should know. Many of the speakers emphasized a common theme: that tenants have certain rights that they are often not aware of, and that city policy requires landlords to treat tenants fairly. […]