NuHart Plastics Superfund Site Community Meeting, Introduction to Technical Advisor

The former NuHart Plastics Manufacturing building, now a Superfund site.

The former NuHart Plastic Manufacturing building, now a Superfund site.

NAG recently hired Environmental Stewardship Concepts (ESC), an environmental consulting firm, to act as a Technical Advisor on the NuHart Plastic Manufacturing Superfund site on Dupont Street in northern Greenpoint. NAG hired ESC with a Technical Assistance Grant that was from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). ESC was founded in 1996 and has extensive experience working with Superfund sites and other polluted sites all over the country. After the NuHart site’s current developer submits its site cleanup plan to the DEC, ESC will create detailed recommendations on how to make the requirements for the cleanup plan as rigorous as possible and share those recommendations with NAG and the community. ESC’s president, Dr. Peter deFur, and another member of its team, Richard Chapin, will be the ones who develop these recommendations. Both of them are knowledgeable about environmental hazards present at the NuHart site and are experienced in how to address them.North Greenpoint Development flier 7-27-15 - v2

The community plays an important role in this process. Community members are invited to meet with ESC to discuss concerns and ideas about clean-up of the site. After ESC has developed ts recommendations for the site’s clean-up plan, NAG will help distribute this information to the community through presentations and written materials. NAG will also encourage community members to attend the DEC’s public comment hearing about the site’s clean-up plan. The more community voices that are heard at the public comment meeting the better!

On Monday, July 27th, Council Member Stephen Levin and NAG are hosting a North Brooklyn Community Advisory Group meeting to discuss development in northern Greenpoint. Peter deFur will be there to introduce himself to community members on behalf of ESC and discuss the future of the cleanup process. The meeting will be held at 6:30 pm in Dupont Street Senior Housing on 80 Dupont Street. Please join us and find out more about this process!

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