Introducing NAGs Reduce Reuse Recycle Greenpoint Restaurant Program!

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It is time for Greenpoint to become a spearheader for sustainability in Brooklyn, New York City, and beyond!  We are full of young, thriving businesses that, with support and education, can create a real socially and environmentally conscious food service industry.

Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG) is excited to introduce our free Reduce Reuse Recycle Greenpoint project!  In coalition with Brooklyn Allied Bars and Restaurants (BABAR) and Common Ground Compost (CGC), we will be working directly with local Greenpoint restaurants on sustainability best practices for waste management, waste audits/analysis and a sustainability materials pilot program.

We will be conducting interviews to assess current sustainability standings with 15 different restaurants and bars.  Then, we will choose 6 of those businesses to conduct a full waste audit where we will work with our experts to track progress of waste redirection through strategies to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Finally, the sustainability materials pilot program will give restaurants sustainable supplies that will be tested on a pool of customers at each location.  Those lucky establishments will get the chance to apply their new reduce, reuse and recycling skills!

As our expert partner on the project, Common Ground Composts mission is to encourage food businesses to compost, while reducing the negative impacts of food scraps on the environment, increasing beneficial use of food scraps in urban areas,and helping establishments position themselves as forward‐thinking operations in the public sphere.

NAG is spearheading this project in efforts to reduce restaurant waste to landfills and be redirected into recycling and composting initiatives.  Imagine: Greenpoint can be the first neighborhood in New York City to tackle the restaurant industry’s waste issues from the ground up! If our whole neighborhood works together on this project, we can divert approximately 452,600 pounds of waste from restaurants and bars in Greenpoint per year- if not more!


Contact Allison Currier at for any further questions!

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