Lead in Soil project- Calling all Gardeners and Parents!!


As we start to clear out these April      showers and get ready for May flowers- we  are launching our new Lead in Garden Soil  Outreach project.

Lead exposure is a huge problem  here in Northern Brooklyn.  Greenpoint has  one of the highest levels of lead  contamination in the city, and double the  childhood blood lead levels of any other neighborhood. This heavy, soft, malleable metal is dangerous and can affect almost every organ and system in the body.

But before you freak out…  exposure to lead in the soil is only harmful through direct contact with the soil or its plants. That’s why we are focusing on children and gardeners — to reduce exposure risk in vulnerable populations.

We are working with soil experts at the Brooklyn College Environmental Science Analytical Center and Eco-Schools to host workshops for the community to come learn more about how to garden safely.  These experts will show us how to protect our community from harmful lead in our soil.

We will also be providing education to our local elementary schools, to help develop curriculum about lead soil exposure.  Stay tuned for more info and contact us if you would like to be involved further!

If you’ve ever had your soil tested and would like to share the results, let us know!

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