Monthly Archives: May 2016

Property Owner Issues Revised Feasibility Study for NuHart State Superfund Site

In April 2016, the engineering consultant hired by the NuHart property owners Dupont Street Developers issued a revised Feasibility Study (FS).  This revised FS was released in response to the NYS DEC (DEC) disapproving of the original FS the prior month.   A March 2016 letter from the DEC  raised a number of shortcomings found in the original FS, noting that the report insufficiently addressed items relating to the remediation plan for the contaminated site, and requesting the engineers to review certain portions of the original FS. In a letter sent along with […]

Greenpoint Development Meeting

  Thank you everyone who came out to the Greenpoint Development Meeting on Tuesday at the Polish and Slavic Center.  It was great to see so many community faces and we encourage you to stay connect and involved!  As development grows in our community, its important for us to stay informed. At the meeting, we heard from representatives of both West Street project and GreenpointLanding, Stephen Levin, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation.   The West Street project construction is in full swing and are […]

Health Studies and our ToxiCity Map

We got a chance to take a look at the New York State Departments of Heaths most recent Newton Creek Area Health Outcomes Review: Birth Outcomes and Cancer.  Basically, the health review concludes that “the findings do not provide evidence pointing to health outcome patterns or elections that are likely associated with unusual environmental exposures in the vicinity of Newtown Creek”.   Meaning, they claim that there is no collation between health and environmental pollution in the Newtown Creek.  Although they make this statement, they still do not recommend coming into […]

May 24th N. Greenpoint Development Meeting and NuHart Update!

Where: Polish Slavic Center at 176 Java Street starting at When: 6:30 on Tuesday May 24th. Definitely a good meeting to attend if you have any community questions or want updates! NAG will give an update on the NuHart development, along with additional information from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation (OER). If you are interested in understanding more, check out this commentary from Environmental Stewardship Concept’s,  regarding the NuHart property owner’s initial Feasibility Study (FS): ESC FS Comments for NAG 4.22.16.  Since then, the […]