Where is our Metropolitan Bridge area Bike Route?

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The DOT (Dept of Transportation) presented a plan for a bike lane in 2015 for the Metropolitan Bridge area and no action has been taken. Our board chair, Rita Pasarell YaSbE03qTsJoEQNC1mnDRhbeVMW-4fkAkrCbrXAoCPwmade a comment to Community Board 1 this week regarding this issue and asking for a vote and support. NAGBikeLaneCB1June14 (2)

We need the community board to vote! Contact Community Board 1 and our local elected officials!

At present, the area surrounding the Metropolitan Bridge lacks any bike lane, and on the Queens side, it contains a very sharp “blind” turn.  To make matters worse, Metropolitan Avenue  is a truck route, and there are at least 23 waste transfer stations within a mile of the bridge (that count is just on the Brooklyn side alone).   The disproportionate number of waste processing facilities in our area leads to a tremendous amount of truck traffic, which  is a death trap for  cyclists.­­ Over the past year, there were several cyclists killed in truck crashes in Brooklyn.



The  2 DOT’s Metropolitan Avenue Bike Route presentation notes 225 cyclists in a 12 hour period at a nearby intersection.  In a 4 hour period during “rush hours”, a community group recently counted 750 trucks at nearby intersection.




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