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In North Brooklyn, we are fortunate enough to be part of NYC’s water supply coming from the Catskill Mountains, which is highly regulated and protected.  Although our tap water comes from upstate, older piping sometimes leads to household lead in water.   Our groundwater, which has been polluted through various industry and oil spills, does not impact our drinking water because we do not consume our groundwater.  Thanks to public pressure, the city has recently stated they are going to test the water inevery public school for lead contamination.  This is a move in the right direction considering lead exposure causes developmental issues for young children.

To help educate our community about the risks and relationship Greenpoint has to lead poisoning, we decided to start small, with our elementary school children.  Not only are they the highest risk- but they are our future! We will be working with Eco Schools to create curriculum and educate young people on this issue.  Check out National Wildlife Federations Eco Schools program video to learn more.  Hyper-localizing ourselves, we will teach facts about lead and give local examples of contamination.  We are also working with Dr. Cheng at Brooklyn Colleges Environmental Sciences Analytical Center, to conduct workshops in various community gardens around Greenpoint! We will be holding multiple, interactive workshops where you can bring your soil to get tested on the spot! More information to follow

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