Mayor’s Plan to Create Database to Track Rezoning Process…Enough?

In an article published by yesterday, our board member Ward Dennis commented on the importance of public space and affordable housing.

Community organizations who focused on rezoning accountability from Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office have spoken out about the city’s plan to create a Database to track rezoning processes.  This bill, Intro 1132, if passed, would “establish an online public database to track the city’s commitments to rezoning neighborhoods”.  It calls for an agency under the mayor’s office to manage the database and produce a yearly report with the city’s progress on each commitment.

This is overall, a good thing!bushwick-inlet-park3-537x358

Our board member here at NAG, Ward Dennis, calls for that transparency and more.  Ward takes it a step further and reminds us, and Mayor De Blasio that prior community promises must be made before development should go on.  For example, the Greenpoint/Williamsburg neighborhoods were promised both parkland and affordable housing and Ward believes those promises should be kept before new, development continues.

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