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THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO OUR ENVIRONMENTAL HAPPY HOUR! What a great night! Thank you to Eadaoin Quinn, Naama Tamir,  Adanna Roberts, Tatiana Morin, the NAG board and everyone that came out on Tuesday!  See you at the next one.

With the summer in full swing, we have been busy here at NAG working on our various projects! In terms of Reduce Reuse Recycle Greenpoint, Common Ground Compost has almost finalized all six restaurants initial waste audits!  So far, we are learning that there is a lot of potential for waste logo combination image for RRR projectdiversion from landfills.  And with North Brooklyn’s unusually high number of waste transfer station, lowering our impact will also show what a small amount of waste actually comes from this area! BABAR, Brooklyn Allied Bars and Restaurants are helping us with outreach for our Sustainability Best Practices.  Basically, we are collecting advice on energy savings, waste and product sourcing FROM Greenpoint restaurants TO Greenpoint restaurants.  Because who knows better than the industry themselves, right? We are just here to facilitate!  Stay tuned for flyers and workshops to come as well!


Next, we are excited to be working with Eco-Schools USA on youth lesson plans- educating our young ones about lead contamination in soil through our Lead in Garden Soil Outreach Project.  It’s important to focus on the youth when talking about lead poisoning because contact with lead can affect a child’s growth, behavior, and more.  We are also working with Brooklyn College Environmental Science and Analytical Center to create an easy-to-read educational brochure so you can learn all about soil testing, maintenance, and even how to build a garden safely and lead free!  Don’t worry grown-ups, we are ALSO doing two workshops about gardening in contaminated soils- details to come!


NuHart is a Superfund site with an estimated 60,000 gallons of toxic chemicals that lead to various developmental issues and more. What can you do about this issue? 

1.Educate Yourself! Tonight (no time to waste!), at McCarren Pool Community Room (776 Lorimer st) at 7PM. A Panel of speakers including our very own board member, Mike Schade!!

2. Check out NAG’s ToxiCity Map!! This is a tool that every Williamsburg/Greenpointer should have. Use this map to understand corrilation between income/health/toxicity/traffic in our community. A lot of safety questions are answered on this map!

3SHARE SHARE SHARE! This is equally as important as education.  Whats the point of holding knowledge if you don’t take action?

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