Let’s Beat the Heat!

Its. Been. Hot. But we aren’t complaining- you know why?

There is so much to do to beat the heat!  Why not take a dip in McCarren Park Pool between 11am and 7pm.  Or run through one of Williamsburg and Greenpoints many sprinklers.  If you’re home and fan dependent like me, a great way to cool down is a cold shower.  Some other tricks I came across was to put your socks in the freezer for an hour before bed, or make homemade ice pops to cool you off!


With North Brooklyn’s high asthma rates and poor air quality, maybe lay off the extraneous activities.  Try to avoid the busy streets like Metropolitan ave or McGuinness ave and stay on the shaded side of the street.


Over the weekend, DNA Info reports that 30,000 people were without power, according to the National Weather Service and Con Edison.  With a real-feel of 110 degrees, we gotta be safe out here so invite some AC deprived friends over for a refreshing beverage!

Although these days have been extreme, fans use 80% less energy than ACs and create a comfortable space with multiple windows open.
Tonight is supposed to be the end of this heat wave, so celebrate in the AC at Huckle Berry Bar’s free mac and cheese movie night!


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