Successful First Lead Workshop



Hey NAG! Thank you to everyone who came out last Saturday for our Lead in Garden Soil Outreach Project’s first workshop! If you missed it, We had the brilliant Tatiana Morin from the Brooklyn College Analytical Center educating the community all about soil and contamination.  She brought samples for us to see the difference between soil types.  Did you know, there is no way to tell if soil is contaminated by the eye? Although as you see in the picture below (generally), richer, darker, moist soil is healthier than dusty looking soil. Tatiana spent time explaining to attendees how to remediate and be safe while interacting with our North Brooklyn soil.



She also brought one of the coolest gadgets we’ve ever seen! We used the lazer machine to get soil readings, doing the traditional scientific method of three readings on each soil sample.  We were able to test for Lead, Arsenic, Zinc and Copper with this device completely for free! If you missed the event- no worries there are four more coming up with dates to follow.


Remember- although Greenpoint and North Brooklyn have some of the highest blood lead levels in children, there are still ways to safely garden, play and interact with our soil.  Stay in touch as we produce educational brochures, create curriculum for young people and host more workshops!


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