Pedestrian Plazas Coming to Broadway

Community Board 1 recently approved a proposal by the Department of Transportation to create a new pedestrian plaza at Broadway and Bedford. The plaza would be located on the little triangle that is created where South 6th Street branches off from Broadway. “This is one of the areas with the least open space in all of Brooklyn,” said board member Jason Otano. “Even though it’s not a patch of grass, it will provide people places to congregate.”

Williamsburg Construction Boom Ruining Babies’ Naps and Walks, Moms Say

This DNA article about the nuisance of ongoing construction in Williasmburg resulted in a fair amount of online snark, but the issue is a real one, and can be illegal. While some disruption is inevitable (and it is impossible to make pile drivers quiet), excess dust, debris and other detritus can be unhealthy and dangerous. This is something that North Brooklyn – Greenpoint and Williasmburg – will have to deal with for some time. In 2005, NAG started a community watchdog project to deal with exactly these type of issues […]

VOTE! Primary Today

Unless you are a local political junkie (or got those robo-calls from Chuck Schumer and Bill Clinton), you may have missed that today is a primary day for Federal elections in NY state. Locally, there are two very important contested elections in our area – the 7th and 8th Congressional districts. Since both districts are heavily Democratic, today’s primary could well decide who wins the seat in November. The 7th district, which runs from Borough Park in the south through South Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, and then takes […]

Lentol Looks to Tame McGuinness

Assembyman Joe Lentol wants to have speeding cameras installed on McGuinness Boulevard to cut down on out of control drivers on Greenpoint’s boulevard of death. NAG has partnered with Transportation Alternatives and others to document the excessive speeding and other infractions that occur regularly on McGuinness, and we welcome Assemblyman Lentol’s support for our efforts to make the street safe for everyone.

Council Hearing on Parks Funding

On Thursday, the City Council is holding a hearing on Parks funding for the coming fiscal year. As you may know, the city made a lot of promises to our neighborhood in terms of parks acquisition and construction – most of those commitments have not been met. NAG has been following up on these (and many other!) rezoning commitments for years, and recently we joined with a number of other community groups and open space advocates to form the Where’s Our Park? Coalition. The following is the information on the […]