Know Your Zone

Hurricane Sandy is meeting up with a few friends out over the Atlantic, and they are all headed more or less in our direction. Hurricanes have a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to NYC (Irene last year, Gloria a couple decades ago), but it is worth remembering that New York is a coastal town and has not always gone unscathed. It is also worth remembering that much of North Brooklyn sits on lowlands, landfill and old waterways. If you live on or near the water, you may […]

NAG Gala – Saturday November 3rd

UPDATE November 2: The Gala is on – please come out and join us! In case you haven’t noticed, we have a big event coming up next Saturday, November 3rd (buy your tickets here). In addition to being our annual fundraiser, this year’s gala is a celebration of the NAG career of our founding Executive Director, Peter Gillespie. Peter is retiring from his executive role at NAG as of November 1st (don’t worry – Peter will still be an important part of NAG), and we want to send him off […]

Register to Vote for 2013

Yes, it is only 2012 and we haven’t even had the general election yet, but if you want to vote in the 2013 NYC primaries, you must register to vote by this Friday, October 12. If you want to change parties and still be eligible to vote in the 2013 NYC primaries, you must make the switch by this Friday, October 12. If you are not registered in a party by this Friday, you can’t vote in that party’s primary next September. If you are registered as an independent (or, […]

Williamsburg Walks – Week 1

We’re already getting ready for week 2, but the rave reviews for week 1 are still coming in. Here is the Greenpoint Gazette on the first week of Walks. Week 2 will bring even more programming partners, but there will still be plenty of unprogrammed space for people to rethink and enjoy. And again this week, NAG will be giving away sod at the end of the day – stop by Bedford Avenue around 8:00 p.m. to get your grass! We still need volunteers for set up, operations during the […]

Week in Review

Here’s a recap of the week that was in North Brooklyn: Marty Markowitz and GZA announce the 2012 Northside Festival. At I.S. 318 Eugenio Maria de Hostos, the cool kids are national chess champions – the first middle school to ever win the United States Chess Federation’s high school championship. [NYT] WAGPOPS – Williamsburg and Greenpoint Parents for Our Public Schools – is stepping up their fight against charter schools co-locating in North Brooklyn. [Greenpoint News] Whole Foods on the Northside will soon be joined by more retail and a […]