2018 NAG Gala


Last year, NAG and GWAPP announced a new partnership to create a more powerful singular voice for the North Brooklyn community, to more effectively reach out to its diverse residents we call neighbors, and to rally us together behind a vision of a sustainable, healthy neighborhood.

Join us on Thursday, October 11th, at 7:00 p.m. at BIBA Williamsburg, when we will celebrate the 24-year history of these two groups with friends, supporters, and neighborhood leaders. The evening will recognize our history, activism and advocacy, and share the future of our work in Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

Proceeds from the evening will benefit NAG’s mission to advance community-based solutions on issues of public space and the environment – through activism, education, and collaboration – to create a more just, healthy, and safe place to live and work.

Join us for good food, an open bar, and great music.

CB1 October Public Hearing

From CB1:

Please be advised that a Combined Public Hearing and Board Meeting on the listed agenda items will be held as follows:

When: TUESDAY··· OCTOBER 17, 2017 *** 6:00 PM ***
Where: 211 Ainslie Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(Corner of Manhattan Avenue)

NOTE TO ALL SPEAKERS: All those who wish to speak during Public Session must sign and submit their speakers form on or before 6:15 PM.


1. DCA- UNENCLOSED SIDEWALK CAFE APPLICATION: Unenclosed Sidewalk Cafe -Starlite Walker LLCJ dba Ramona1 113 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, #2024806-DCA, 7 Tables, 14 Chairs (RENEWAL) (Presentation limited to 5 minutes)

2. DCA- UNENCLOSED SIDEWALK CAFE APPLICATION: – Cerveceria Havemeyer LLC, dba Cerveceria Havemeyer, 149 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211-4524, #2027033-DCA, 7 Tables, 14 Chairs (RENEWAL) (Presentation limited to 5 minutes).

3. DCA-UNENCLOSED SIDEWALK CAFE APPLICATION: 104 South 4 Street Inc., dba Randolph Brooklyn, 104 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249-5505, # 2017316-DCA. 8 Tables; 16 Chairs (RENEWAL) (Presentation limited to 5 minutes).

4. PRESENTATION: LPC Application for the former Domino Sugar Refinery- Proposed changes for the design of the Domino Sugar Refinery building – by Two Trees.  (Presentation limited to 10 minutes).

5. PRESENTATION: NYC DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION: New bike corral applied for by Sun and Air on 788 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Corner of South 4th Street). Corral is for 8 bikes. (Presentation limited to 5 minutes).

6. PRESENTATION: Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) Introduction – They partner with City agencies, community organizations, and groups to host educational forums designed to educate NYC’s Immigrant communities on services, and resources available to them – by David Sosa, Immigrant Services Coordinator, Community Affairs, MOIA. (Presentation limited to 5 minutes).

7. PRESENTATION: BSA Item: #2017-257-BZ, 159 North 4th Street, for a special permit for physical cultural establishment (yoga studio) for 10 years – by Marvin Mitzner, Attorney (Presentation limited to 5 minutes).

8. PRESENTATION: DCA-CABARET APPLICATION (Presentation limited to 10 minutes)

Elsewhere LLC (dba Elsewhere)
599 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Days and Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 12:00PM – 4:00AM
Room Capacity – Room 1: 675
Room 2: 250



63 Meadow Inc., dba tbd, 63 Meadow Street, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, bar lounge)

227 Grand Corp., dba Beats Karaoke, 227 Grand Street, (Change in Method of Operation, wine/beer, cider, karaoke Cafe/rest)

Aquae Inc., dba Tacos Project, 800 Grand Street, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

El Sotano of Brooklyn Corp, dba The Gentry, 592 Manhattan Avenue, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Entity to be formed by Nick Padilla, 206 Nassau Avenue, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, bar)

Grovehouse Hospitality LLC, 325 Kent Avenue, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest with customer bar)

Isabella Beach LLC, dba The Diamond, 43 Franklin Street, { Class Change, liquor, wine/beer, cider, bar with small food plates)

J. Cohen on behalf of an entity to be determined, dba tbd, 302 Metropolitan Avenue, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Just Another LLC, dba tbd, 632 Manhattan Avenue, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, bar/tavern)

Mizu Sushi NY Inc., dba Mizu, 483 Grand Street, ( New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

N. Adler on behalf of an entity to be determined, 58 Marcy Avenue, (New, liquor, wine, beer, cider, rest)

Simon’s Bar & Kitchen Inc, dba DB Burger, 483 Grand Street, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

R. Kush on Behalf on an Entity to be determined, dba tbd, 647 Grand street, (New, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Root Cellar Kitchen LLC, 92 North 11th Street, (New, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest with customer bar)

Terere Corporation, dba Tabare Restaurant, 221 South 1st Street, (Corporate Change, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Via Yia’s Taverna LLC, 1035 Flushing Avenue, (New, wine/beer, cider, rest)



135 Studio N ADR Inc., dba Juliette Restaurant, 135 North 5th Street, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Aluk 888 Inc., dba Chinese Musician, 151 Greenpoint Avenue, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, restaurant)

Asian garden Inc, 157 Franklin Street, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, rest)

BD & M Bar One LLC, dba Reclamation Bar, 817 Metropolitan Avenue, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider bar /tavern)

Best Element Inc., dba Bedford Fusion Cafe, 197 Bedford Avenue, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Bestaurant Group LLC, dba Lazy Siu’s, 742 Driggs Avenue, (New, beer, cider, rest)

Cerveceria Havemeyer LLC, dba Cerveceria Havemeyer, 149 Havemeyer Street, Store #3 (AKA 257 South 2nd Street) (Alteration, liquor, wine/beer, cider rest)

BK Noodles Inc, 280 Bedford avenue, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, Japanese noodle rest)

Brooklyn Winery LLC, dba Brooklyn Winery, 213 North 8th Street, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest, catering facility}

Caribbean Catch LLC, dba Pearls Bake & Shark, 178 north 8th street, (Renewal liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Cafe Argentina Inc., dba Cafe Argentina, 499 Grand Street,(Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

City Cafe Inc, dba Fushimi Japanese Cuisine & Lounge, 475 Driggs Avenue Unit A, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Christina’s Polish Restaurant Inc., 853 Manhattan Avenue, (Renewal, wine/beer, only)

Demije Group LLC, dba Basik, 323 Graham Avenue, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest )

Dotory LLC, dba Dotory, 353 Broadway, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, rest)

El Golpe LLC, dba Llama Inn, 50 Withers Street, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider}

Hummus Market LLC, dba Hummus Market, 361 Graham Avenue, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider bar/rest)

IM Food LLC, dba ZiZi Lemona, 129 Havemeyer Street, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Karczma Inc., 136 Greenpoint Avenue, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest}

Jomyga Enterprises LLC, dba Oak & Iron, 147 Franklin Street, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, bar/tavern)

La Cocina II Restaurant Corp, 100 Moore Street, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Me II U Inc., dba Richlane, 595 Union Avenue, {Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, bar, tavern)

M shanghai LLC, dba M Shanghai LLC, 292 Grand Street, {Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, full service restaurant with full bar}

Nealtican Deli Grocery Corp, 1225 Flushing Avenue, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, rest, deli},

New Ako Restaurant Inc. dba Ako Japanese Cuisine, 205 Bedford Avenue, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, rest)

One stop Beer shop LLC, dba One Stop Beer Shop, 134 Kingsland Avenue, {Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider,rest)

Paris Puebla Inc., dba Santos Anne, 366 Union Avenue, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Pippilocca LLC, dba IL Passatore, 14 Bushwick Avenue, {Renewal, wine/beer, cider, rest)

Okamoto Holdings LLC, dba Patisserie Tomoko, 568 Union Avenue Space 1G & H, (Renewal, wine/beer, cider, cafe)

Sazon Perez Restaurant Inc., 417 South 4th Street, {Renewal, beer/cider, rest)

Sea Thai Hospitality Inc., dba Sea, 114 North 6th Street, (Renewal , wine/beer, cider)

Starlite Walker LLC, dba Ramona, 113 Franklin Street Unit Floor, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, cocktail bar)

Syndicated Bar & Theater LLC, dba Syndicated, 40-46 Bogart Street, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider)

Radegast Hall LLC, dba Radegast Hall and Biergarten, 113 115 N3rd Street, aka 186 Berry Street, (Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, rest}

Woodfire Collision LLC, dba Lilia Restaurant, 567 575 Union Avenue, { Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, Rest}

Vabeh First LLC, dba Have & Meyer LLC, 103 Havemeyer Street, {Renewal, liquor, wine/beer, cider, bar/tavern}








7. PUBLIC SESSION (Reserved for the Public’s expression. Board Members will not be allowed to speak.) Each scheduled participant for this session will have an allowance of two (2) minutes. (No questions  will be entertained.)







NAG Happy Hour June 20th- Muchmores Williamsburg

Hi NAG Fam!

Do you want to get involved with a North Brooklyn neighborhood group? Do you care about environmental issues? Join us for a drink! The presentations are purposefully short so that you’ll have plenty of time to grab a drink and talk directly with the experts and your neighbors.

Muchmores bar & venue
2 Havemeyer St (at N9th) in Williamsburg

Tuesday, June 20th 6:30-8:30pm
(presentations 7:00-7:30pm)


NAG’s environmental happy hour is the third Tuesday of every even month and is hosted by NAG’s former environmental community organizer (and national plastic bag policy expert, founder of plasticbaglaws.org) Jennie Romer. This month’s happy hour will feature short (5 minute) presentations by:

– Cheryl Kingan, Coffee Buyer for Cafe Grumpy, will discuss aspects of sustainability in the coffee supply chain. In addition to curating Cafe Grumpy’s seasonal coffee menu, she works with producers and exporters to help improve coffee quality and support community projects in Central America and East Africa.

– Saleen Shah, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Citizens Committee for New York City, will discuss how New Yorkers residing and working in the most underserved parts of the city get involved with the organization’s Neighborhood Grants program, through which community-based volunteer groups implement environmental projects and help improve quality of life. @citizensnyc

– Sam Silver, Education & Outreach Director at Sims Municipal Recycling (NYC’s contractor for all metal glass and plastic residential curbside recycling), will tell us exactly what happens to our curbside recycling (collection, sorting by material, sale as a commodity) and answer your questions about NYC’s waste/recycling systems and 0x30!

– Alessandro Ciari from Trash Free Waters will present about the status of NYC’s ban on EPS (aka Styrofoam) food service containers. The ban was adopted in 2013 then was caught up in a lawsuit by EPS manufacturers and now those same manufacturers are trying to block the ban again with a new City Council bill. Come learn about the saga of the NYC EPS ban and what local environmental and community groups are doing about it!

– Willis Elkins,Program Manager at Newtown Creek Alliance, will discuss the Newtown Creek Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan process and meetings. Find out how to get involved with the creek!

Other environmental experts that will be in attendance:

– Kate Mikuliak from NYC Department of Transportation – ask her about the agency’s strategic plan!

– Rita Pasarell, NAG’s former Board Chair – ask her about NAG’s ToxiCity map!

– Mike Schade leads the national Mind the Store campaign at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and is on NAG’s Board – ask him about the NuHart Superfund site!

***Let us know if you’re an environmental/sustainability expert planning to attend and we’ll add you to this list!***

About NAG
Neighbors Allied for Good Growth developed out of our neighborhood’s desire to recapture its waterfront, reduce local environmental hazards, and advocate for public policies promoting healthy mixed-use communities. We advocate with and for the people who live and work in the North Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

Our approach to these issues is guided by the principle that our entire community is entitled to participate in decision-making and negotiation processes affecting our neighborhood, leadership of local mobilization efforts, and the design of a future vision for our community.

Current projects include our ToxiCity Map, advocating for the completion of Bushwick Inlet Park, organizing the community on the State Superfund Process for the NuHart site in Greenpoint, and transportation improvement campaigns.

Progress Meeting: Paragon Oil/Apollo Street Creek Remediation

NY State Department of Environmental Conservation will hold a meeting to provide updates on the ongoing remediation efforts at the former Paragon Oil Company site and the Apollo Street Creek Parcels site. Both sites are on Newtown Creek and are undergoing remediation as part of the Greenpoint Petroleum Remediation Project. DEC staff will have an availability session from 6:30 p.m. to answer project-related questions and comments. There will be a brief presentation and public Q&A starting at 7:30 p.m.

Click here for more information on this project.

NAG’s December Environmental Happy Hour at Muchmores Williamsburg

NAG’s Environmental Happy Hour at Muchmores Williamsburg