July 5th NAG Action: Government in NYC, the cocktail crawl

For the month of July, NAG Action is going to tackle the tall topic of government in NYC. Cap off your 4th of July celebrations with a night learning about NYC citizenship. Confused about how government in NYC works and, more importantly, effects you in North Brooklyn? Come grab a drink with NAG while we untangle the myriad of institutions that effect our daily life.  We will be cocktail crawling from Greenpoint to the Southside, visiting four of our favorite watering holes, grabbing a stiff cold one or two while […]

Your Vote Still Matters

So, most of the local seats were decided during the primaries, the national mood is taking a sharp turn to the right (hopefully not back towards that ditch), and there’s this confusing new balloting system that doesn’t even seem to work. Tomorrow is election day, but it’s probably best to stay home, right? WRONG! Tuesday is election day, and your vote does still matter – as a matter of exercising your civic rights, but also as a practical matter in some very important competitive races. Enough of the why and […]