williamsburg walks

Free Sod!!!

We showed you our lawn… Now it’s your turn to show us Your Lawn!!! Bedford Ave is peppered with grassy lawns during Williamsburg Walks, giving all of us a little green space to relax on while enjoying the buzz of our main drag. After the Walks, each week, NAG is giving away our sod from Williamsburg Walks.  First come, first served. If you come and volunteer from 730pm-9pm, helping us fold cafe tables & chairs, get stuff back to the NAG office, and roll up sod, then you get first […]

Williamsburg Walks – Week 1

We’re already getting ready for week 2, but the rave reviews for week 1 are still coming in. Here is the Greenpoint Gazette on the first week of Walks. Week 2 will bring even more programming partners, but there will still be plenty of unprogrammed space for people to rethink and enjoy. And again this week, NAG will be giving away sod at the end of the day – stop by Bedford Avenue around 8:00 p.m. to get your grass! We still need volunteers for set up, operations during the […]

Williamsburg Walks Week One

The wet weather on Saturday didn’t entirely put a damper on the first weekend of Williamsburg Walks. Borough President Marty Markowitz (left), his chief counsel Jason Otaño (second from left) and Councilmember Steve Levin (right) joined NAG Co-Chair Ward Dennis to kick off the event. Soon after, the rain let up and people were able to enjoy a car-free Bedford Avenue for much of the afternoon and evening. Because of the rain, the number of programmed spaces was reduced, and much of Bedford became a public piazza with people passing […]

Dijital Fix at Williamsburg Walks

We have a ton of programmers and events at Williamsburg Walks, and more getting added everyday. One of the great things about WW is that merchants along Bedford Avenue can program the sidewalk space in front of their establishments. You’ll be seeing restaurants setting up sidewalk cafes, bars like Spike Hill will be programming music in front of their shops, and more. Dijital Fix, for instance, has just announced that it will be holding Nino’s Sidewalk Sale, a clearance of out of box headphones, turntables, speakers and more. Like we […]