The Latest Must-Have: Bike Space

Apparently, if you make bicycle riding easier and safer, people will get out of their cars.

Crain’s reports that bicycle storage is becoming a must-have amenity for apartment buyers and renters, especially here in Williamsburg. As a result, developers – like 80 Met’s Steiner NYC – are adding or increasing bicycle storage to their projects. We know that bike ridership has increased dramatically over the past few years; a Steiner spokesperson even noted that Williamsburg has “more bikers than drivers”.

At the same time that bike riding is becoming a serious alternative to cars or over-crowded subways, many buildings in “bike-friendly Brooklyn” (including 80 Met and the Edge)are now charging up to $10 per month for bike parking. In some cases, this is to discourage people from taking up storage space with unused bicycles (a problem in bike rooms (and on Bedford Avenue) since time immemorial). Whether its for profit or space management, hopefully these fees won’t discourage bicycle use.

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