April’s NAG Action: Community Gardens, Open Spaces, & Guerilla Gardening. Oh, my!

Cucumber harvest from Soup Kitchen Community Garden. Aug 2010

Are you ready to get your hands dirty making North Brooklyn a greener place?

Join us tonight as we gather to discuss Open Space issues–everything from park space to the cleanliness of streets & sidewalks– & community gardening in No Bro.

Tues April 5th. 7-830pm

Greenpoint Reformed Church. 136 Milton St.

Between Franklin & Manhattan Ave. Near the Greenpoint G Station.

Little brick church. Shared space. Follow signs to NAG meeting…

Guerrilla Gardening. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The agenda of tonight’s meeting is to promote current community gardening projects in Greenpoint & Williamsburg, to discuss potential avenues through guerilla gardening and neighborhood clean-ups to make our neighborhood flower, and to talk about the current status of Open Space in our community. Even before the waterfront was rezoned, our neighborhood ranked among the poorest in open space ratios, but as our neighborhood’s population has exploded the problem has only gotten worse. Promises have been made, but few have resulted in new park space. We will examine the problem and brainstorm what action we need to take this Spring to get our neighborhood the parks & open space it has been promised/deserves!

NAG Action meets on the first Tuesday of every month, gathering concerned citizens from all parts of Greenpoint & Williamsburg who are looking to learn more and do more in the neighborhood. The goal is to bring together any and all types of organizers, activists, local leaders, business owners, and residents to discuss, learn, and take action in the neighborhood. Typically the issues tackled fall under one of NAG’s main organizing areas (Open Space, Transportation, Affordable Housing & Community Character)

NAG Volunteers @ Garden Workday. March 2011

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